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Scleral Buckling Procedure Restores Vision After a Detached Retina

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on February 14, 2023
Retinal Detachment Baltimore

The retina is located at the back of the eye. It is made up of light-sensitive tissue that sends visual information to the brain. A detached retina occurs when the retina is no longer attached to the surrounding tissue. A detached retina is a serious condition that must be repaired to avoid vision loss. Elman…Read More→

Retinal Tears: What To Expect From Treatment and Recovery

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on January 16, 2023
Retinal Tears Treatment Baltimore

Elman Retina Group’s Dr. Michael Elman and Dr. Sidney “Sid” Schechet are experts at diagnosing and treating retinal tears. Below, our doctors discuss what to expect during and after the treatment of retinal tears.

What You Need To Know About Those Pesky Eye Floaters in Your Vision

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on December 18, 2022
Eye Floaters Baltimore

Have you noticed little spots or squiggles in your visual field? If you have been experiencing pesky little eye floaters, then this article is for you. Here, Elman Retina Group’s retinal specialists, Dr. Michael Elman and Dr. Sidney “Sid” Schechet, answer common questions about eye floaters.

When Is Vitrectomy Necessary? The Procedure Benefits These Conditions

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on November 19, 2022
Vitrectomy in Baltimore

Behind the lens of the eye is clear gelatinous fluid called vitreous humor. The vitreous humor has a number of functions including maintaining the shape of the eye, helping with vision clarity and absorbing shocks to the head or the eye. Certain conditions may require that the vitreous be surgically removed in a procedure called…Read More→

Why Eye Care Is Critical After an Eye Injury or Accident

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on October 21, 2022
Eye Care Baltimore

Most people know that regular eye exams and care are crucial to eye health. But many overlook the importance of eye care after an eye injury or accident. Even the smallest eye injury can have long-lasting consequences. Elman Retina Group’s Dr. Michael Elman, Dr. David Dao and Dr. Sidney “Sid” Schechet are experts at treating…Read More→

What to Expect During Recovery After a Retinal Detachment or Tear

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on September 22, 2022
retinal detachment surgery recovery Baltimore

The retina is a thin layer of light-sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye. A retinal tear, as its name suggests, is a small tear in the retinal tissue. Retinal detachment occurs when the retinal tissue completely disconnects from the back of the eye. Retinal detachment is a medical emergency that can lead…Read More→

What Causes Macular Edema? 5 Ways You May Be at Risk

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on August 24, 2022
Macular Edema Specialist Owings Mills, MD

Your overall health can actually impact your eye health and put you at risk for a number of eye conditions, including macular edema. Elman Retina Group’s premier ophthalmologists, Dr. Michael Elman and Dr. Sidney “Sid” Schechet, are skilled at diagnosing and treating macular edema. Below our doctors will discuss macular edema and five conditions that…Read More→

What Is Macular Edema? How To Recognize the Warning Signs

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on July 26, 2022
Macular Edema Treatment Owings Mills, MD

All the parts of your eye are important and work together. An issue with even the smallest part of your eye can dramatically impact your vision. The macula is one of your eye’s small parts. It is located in the center of the retina and plays an important role in your central vision. You use…Read More→

Can UV-Protectant Sunglasses Save You from Macular Degeneration?

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on May 9, 2022
Macular Degeneration Specialist Owings Mills/Pikesville,MD

Sunglasses do more than just make a fashion statement. The right glasses can help reduce the risk of retinal and macular conditions by blocking exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. According to the doctors at Elman Retina Group, if you want to boost your chances of enjoying lifelong ocular health, you would be…Read More→