Eye Injury Treatment in Baltimore

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The team at Elman Retina Group has extensive experience diagnosing and treating common eye injuries that can occur to virtually anyone. We know how stressful and often painful injuries to the eye and eye area can be, and we want you to know that you and your family’s comfort and eye health are our top priorities. That’s why we’re highly trained and skilled in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of eye injuries and are proud to use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to help maximize our patients’ outcomes.

Eye Injury Treatment Baltimore

Common Eye Injuries Evaluated at Our Baltimore, Rosedale, Pikesville, and Glen Burnie Ophthalmology Clinics

Eye injuries range in severity, type, and presentation. We have hands-on experience assisting people who are dealing with such injuries including:

  • Ocular trauma: any sort of poke or blow to the face can lead to swelling, subconjunctival hemorrhage, traumatic iritis, or orbital blow out fractures
  • Retinal detachment or tear: a medical emergency in which the retinal tissue pulls away from the back of the eye
  • Corneal abrasion: scrapes or cuts on the corneas can be extremely painful and irritating
  • Foreign body impalement: small pieces of debris can become lodged in the eye
  • Chemical burn: caustic substances can splash or leak into the eyes, leading to burns and scarring
  • Infection: bacterial or viral infections can be very contagious and lead to itchiness, eye discharge, and blurry vision, among other things

Eye Injury Treatment with Our Maryland Ophthalmology Team

Depending on the nature of your eye injury, our Maryland ophthalmology team may recommend that you come in to see us immediately or even head to a local ER. If we do ask you to come see us, we’ll be able to provide you with fast and effective treatment to start relieving your symptoms as well as prevent additional damage to the eye.

Eye injury treatment with the Elman Retina Group may include:

  • Flushing the eye with water
  • Cold Compresses
  • Medications
  • Surgery

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Whether you’re looking for information on how to protect your eyes and prevent an eye injury, or if you’ve sustained an injury and need emergency assistance, our team at the Elman Retina Group is here for you. Contact our ophthalmologist team today to schedule an appointment by calling us at (410) 686-3000 or request an appointment online.