Eye Injury Treatment in Baltimore

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The team at Elman Retina Group has extensive experience diagnosing and treating common eye injuries that can occur to virtually anyone. We know how stressful and often painful injuries to the eye and eye area can be, and we want you to know that you and your family’s comfort and eye health are our top priorities. That’s why we’re highly trained and skilled in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of eye injuries and are proud to use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to help maximize our patients’ outcomes.

Eye Injury Treatment Baltimore

Common Eye Injuries Evaluated at Our Baltimore, Rosedale, Pikesville, and Glen Burnie Ophthalmology Clinics

Eye injuries range in severity, type, and presentation. We have hands-on experience assisting people who are dealing with such injuries including:

  • Ocular trauma: any sort of poke or blow to the face can lead to swelling, subconjunctival hemorrhage, traumatic iritis, or orbital blow out fractures
  • Retinal detachment or tear: a medical emergency in which the retinal tissue pulls away from the back of the eye
  • Corneal abrasion: scrapes or cuts on the corneas can be extremely painful and irritating
  • Foreign body impalement: small pieces of debris can become lodged in the eye
  • Chemical burn: caustic substances can splash or leak into the eyes, leading to burns and scarring
  • Infection: bacterial or viral infections can be very contagious and lead to itchiness, eye discharge, and blurry vision, among other things

Eye Injury Treatment with Our Maryland Ophthalmology Team

Depending on the nature of your eye injury, our Maryland ophthalmology team may recommend that you come in to see us immediately or even head to a local ER. If we do ask you to come see us, we’ll be able to provide you with fast and effective treatment to start relieving your symptoms as well as prevent additional damage to the eye.

Eye injury treatment with the Elman Retina Group may include:

  • Flushing the eye with water
  • Cold Compresses
  • Medications
  • Surgery

Symptoms Of An Eye Injury

Eye injury symptoms depend on the type of injury. Some eye injuries may develop gradually with subtle signs, while others happen suddenly with obvious symptoms. Patients should look for changes in the eye’s appearance, function and discomfort. If you suspect an eye injury, schedule an appointment at Elman Retina Group to check your eye health and discuss your symptoms.

Eye Appearance

Eye Injury PikesvilleRedness or bruising on any portion of the eye or surrounding tissues may indicate an eye injury. The eyes may appear crossed (called strabismus), and the pupils could look unusually tiny or large. The pupils may differ in size.

If the sclera or white outer layer of the eye looks red or you see small black or red spots on the sclera, it could be a warning sign of bleeding. Eye redness may be a symptom of an eye injury or a sign of another health condition.

Eye Function

Difficulty moving the eyes and independent movement between the eyes are both signs of eye injury. Double vision, blurry vision and other vision problems that appear suddenly or shortly after an accident may be eye injury symptoms or a warning sign of an eye condition. Vision changes, such as light flashes, black spots in your field of vision and increased eye floaters, often happen after eye injuries.

Eye Pain

The affected eye(s) may hurt to move, open or close. The eye and surrounding tissues could be sensitive to the touch, and the eyeball, eyelid and surrounding facial areas may swell up with a known or unknown eye injury.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

Most eye injuries damage the eyeball, surrounding tissues and bones. Household chores or home improvement projects (mowing the lawn, drilling, sawing) could harm the eyes. Cooking with oil can place one at risk for eye injuries as the oil can splatter off a pan. And cleaning supplies have been known to cause chemical burns.

Sports injuries are common causes of eye injuries, especially activities involving flying objects, such as volleyball, baseball and tennis. Basketball and other contact sports may lead to eye injuries from close contact with another player, like an elbow in the eye or face.

Workplace accidents often cause eye injuries for people working in professions that involve lasers, chemicals, dust and other hazards. Physical exertion, such as strain from coughing or vomiting or lifting a heavy object, may cause eye bleeding. Any accident may lead to an eye injury, from a fall involving a sharp or blunt object to a car crash.

How To Prevent An Eye Injury

Eye injury prevention starts with awareness of the dangers around you and your loved ones and understanding what actions may lead to an eye injury. Workplaces must provide safety eyewear, such as face shields, full-face respirators, and welding helmets, for employees dealing with certain chemicals or hazards. Employers are required to train employees on safety protocols to prevent workplace eye injuries. Eye injuries at home, school or during sports require additional measures to avoid accidents.

Eye Pain RosedaleInspect your lawn before mowing and keep harmful chemicals and products in a secured area. Make sure your tools are in good condition and wear safety glasses or dust goggles when carrying out hazardous projects or household tasks. Wear safety goggles on special occasions involving fireworks or other dangerous activities, such as shooting paintballs or arrows.

Helmets are advised for high-impact sports, and safety glasses or goggles should be used for other sports and activities that come with a higher risk of eye injury.

Children under five are most at risk for eye injuries caused by toy misuse and falling off beds, furniture or down the stairs. Harmful household products and everyday tools may also lead to child eye injuries. Ensure you set up safety gates and store items safely and securely with cabinet and drawer locks.

Did You or a Loved One Sustain an Eye Injury?

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