Patient Information at Elman Retina in Baltimore

Also serving Pikesville, Glen Burnie & Rosedale

When you arrive at our office, you may find the reception area full of people. Please don’t worry. Not all of these people are patients. Many of our patients require family or friends to accompany them. Not everyone may be there for the same type of visit and testing.

Due to the nature of the retina examination and ancillary testing, please expect to spend between two to three hours for a typical new patient visit. Follow-up visits generally are briefer.

At each visit, you can expect to be given dilating drops. While some people can drive after a dilated eye examination, it is best to have someone else drive you home when possible.

Please bring a list with your prior surgeries, prescription medications, drivers license, insurance card, and your eye glasses.  We recommend bringing sunglasses as well because your eyes will be dialated.

Please remember to bring a referral with you if you are enrolled in an HMO. Our insurance specialists will be happy to assist you in answering any insurance questions you may have.