Ocular Trauma Treatment in Baltimore

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Injuries to the eyes impact your vision and health. Depending on the cause of the injury, it may result in a minor loss of vision or a sudden change to your visual health. At the Elman Retina Group, we recognize the possible causes of an eye injury and provide appropriate treatment solutions to assist with the recovery and healing processes.

What is Ocular Trauma?

Ocular trauma refers to eye injuries. It may stem from an accident, a fight or even personal behavior. Depending on the cause and severity of the injury, the actual impact of the injury varies significantly. In some cases, the injuries are minor and do not result in the loss of vision. More severe injuries to the eyes may result in a loss of vision or major impairments to your ability to see clearly.

Generally, injuries to the eyes heal with appropriate treatments and time; however, some injuries may require more complex treatment solutions based on the damage to the eyes. Ultimately, an eye doctor at our clinic evaluates the damages to the eyes and then recommends an appropriate treatment strategy.

Treatment Options for Eye Injuries

Treating injuries to your eyes may depend on the type of injuries and the location of the injuries. As a general rule, do not press on the injured eye or rub the area. Seek immediate attention for eye injuries to limit the possible impact of delayed treatments.

After immediate care, such as flushing the eyes with water to remove debris or chemicals, an eye doctor may apply a cold compress to help reduce swelling from the injury. We may also use medications to help alleviate pain, but we recommend avoiding all pain medications until after seeing an ophthalmologist.

Why Visit an Ophthalmologist?

Visiting an ophthalmologist is an important part of protecting your vision because the professional doctor with specialized training. Certain injuries to the eyes may require surgical treatments to correct and heal. An ophthalmologist can provide the specialized treatment you need to keep your eyes as healthy as possible after an injury.

Generally, you want to visit the specialized medical professional for the appropriate strategies for your eye health. An ophthalmologist is a practicing doctor with specialized training in eye health and eye surgery. In an emergency situation, the professional has the tools to handle any situation and address the cuts, bruises or even broken bones around the eyes. When your eyes need surgical treatments, an ophthalmologist provides the options based on your needs and the possible impact of the treatment on your eyes or vision.

Injuries to your eyes cause concerns about your vision and eye health. Although some injuries are minor and may not leave lasting damage, any injuries to the eyes require treatment from a professional to prevent complications. An ophthalmologist at the Elman Retina Group offers the solutions you need to handle any injuries to your eyes. For more information about emergency solutions after an accident injures your eyes, contact us today.