Macular Holes: A Serious Threat to Your Ocular WellBeing

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on July 6, 2017

In the realm of sight-robbing eye disease and disorders, a few names such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration loom large, and deservedly so. But there are also some less-common eye problems that have similar potential to damage your eyesight, including the one you need to know about: macular holes. Let’s take a look at what these breaches in your macular are all about, how they can affect you, and how Elman Retina Group can help.

Causes and Stages of a Macular Hole

A macular hole is pretty much what it sounds like — a piece of the macula (the part of your retina that processes central vision) that has been pulled away from the inner lining of the eye. This is a more severe form of the tugging that typically occurs with age, as the gelatinous vitreous of the eye begins to contract, shrinking away from the retinal tissues. This action causes the non-serious (if annoying) vision issue known as floaters. But if the vitreous pulls too hard at the macula, it can tear away a significant piece of tissue, leaving a “hole.”

Macular holes affect the same tissue as macular degeneration, and occur around the same time in life, generally after age 60. Early-stage or superficial macular holes can sometimes heal themselves without treatment, while partial-thickness or full-thickness holes are likely to get worse, creating symptoms such as distortion of straight lines, blurred vision, and low vision.

Sight-Saving Care Is Available from Our Local Optometrist in Baltimore

Elman Retina Group can determine whether your symptoms are the result of a macular hole. If your macular hole requires treatment, we may inject drugs that can help the hole med itself. More serious cases may call for a procedure to replace the vitreous with a gas or oil. This substance applies pressure to the macula to promote healing. Contact us at (410) 686-3000 for an evaluation!

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