The Benefits of ForeseeHome for Macular Degeneration

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on November 3, 2015

At the Elman Retina Group, we believe that the best patient outcomes happen when best-practice interventions are provided alongside prevention. It’s why we stand behind the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program as an advanced and powerful tool to help maximize patients’ quality of living.

What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)?

At least 10 million people in the United States suffer from AMD–the number one cause of vision loss. Though exact etiology is not clear, AMD is thought to be caused by hereditary and environmental factors.

AMD involves the progressive deterioration of the macula–the center of a tissue on the back of the eye called the retina. The retina gathers visual images and sends this information to the brain via the optic nerve. As the macula degenerates in AMD, a person’s vision can become increasingly blurry, and may lead to “blind spots.”

The two main types of AMD are known as “wet” (exudative) and “dry” (atrophic) AMD. Dry AMD is the most common, and is caused by the proliferation of small yellow deposits behind the retina, leading to macular degeneration. Wet AMD is less common, and is caused by the growth of small blood vessels behind the retina, which damages the macular tissue.

Treatment for AMD, and The Advantages of Using ForeseeHome

AMD is a manageable disease, and comprehensive treatment includes nutritional counseling, and laser and medication therapy.

The effects of AMD are best controlled when the disease is detected early. The ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program is an advanced system that provide this kind of critical preventative care.

Why exactly is ForeseeHome so beneficial?

  • It detect changes related to AMD before a patient notices any symptoms. This way, treatment can begin as early as possible.
  • It connects patients and their doctors with real-time, on-going monitoring of vision and eye health–even between scheduled eye exams.
  • It’s more effective than the standard method of AMD monitoring (the Amsler Grid).

Are you at risk for AMD, or have recently been diagnosed? Call us today to find out if ForeseeHome is right for you.