What is Retinal Detachment?

Submitted by Elman Retina Group on October 2, 2015

Here at Elman retina Group, we diagnose and treat retinal detachment in order to help you preserve your vision.

Retinal Detachment

The retina is located on the inside back of the eye and is connected to the optic nerve. It is responsible for transmitting light or visual images to the brain through the optic nerve and is essential for vision. Retinal detachment occurs when the retina moves or somehow becomes disconnected from the tissues on the back of the eye. If this eye ailment is not diagnosed and treated promptly, it can result in permanent vision loss and blindness.

Risk Factors

  • Being Male
  • Being over the Age of 40
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Eye Trauma
  • Family History of Retinal Detachment

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment causes noticeable vision changes. If you notice floaters in your field of vision or unexplained flashes of light, you should contact us immediately. Retinal detachment is an eye care emergency.

Treatment for Retinal Detachment at Elman Retinal Grou

The ophthalmologists, here at the Elman retinal Group, recommend eye surgery to correct retinal detachment. One of those surgeries is called Pneumatic Retinopexy. The surgery involves inserting a gas bubble into the center of the eye. Since gas rises, your head will be carefully positioned so that the bubble rises in the direction of your detached retina. The bubble will then push your retina back into its proper position against the back wall of the eye.

Depending on the specifics of your detachment, out ophthalmologist will either seal the tear right then or wait a few days. Sealing the tear involves either the use of a laser or by freezing the area of the tear.

The retinal detachment surgery is not necessarily designed to restore vision that is already lost, but it will prevent further vision deterioration.

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Did you know that untreated retinal detachment causes blindness?